Helen Child – My Running Passion

Hi and welcome to my running site

Helen ChildI love nothing more than starting each day with a run on the beach.  It sets up the day perfectly for  a day in payments.

This site is only for my passion of fitness and running.
I would like to share some of my experiences, thoughts and journeys that I have lived through running.

Running and Fitness with Helen Child

It’s true, running will make you fit. Everyone can run, no matter what size or shape they are.  All you need is the desire and motivation, and a decent pair of running trainers and away you go!

And the benefits of running are both physically and psychologically amazing.

Improved cardio-vascular system, lowered heart-rate, rejuvenated healthier skin, that ‘feel-good ‘ feeling when your body  releases endorphines – with running, these really are just the tip of the iceberg in terms of benefits.

This is my part of the world wide web that can hopefully help and share how running has changed my life and how it can change yours.

I will be adding articles on aspects of running, fitness, diet, gadgets and kit reviews – all things that I have found useful and hope that you all do too.

What is the best way to get started running?

I would suggest to start with a time which feels comfortable, say ’10 to 40 minutes’. Once you can easily walk for 30 minutes plus, start to add a handful of 3-5-minute running intervals into the walk. Keep building on this routine until you are smashing 30 minute runs straight.

Feeling discomfort is perfectly normal whilst jogging and the more you add to the intensity and distance the more discomfort you may feel. Keep pushing yourself through this pain barrier and your fitness will improve.

Running shoes are really the only investment you need to make if you’re looking to start running, a good pair of trainers which fit well will keep your feet in tip top shape.  Trust me no-one wants blisters on their feet! – Helen Child