10 Reasons why running is better than going to the gym

Running and fitness - Helen Child

Running and fitness - Helen ChildThe gym is great for a number of workouts whether you are looking to tone up, improve your health, lose weight or strengthen your muscles. However, if you feel that that gym isn’t for you because of cost, inconvenience or more personal reasons, you may want to consider taking up running as your regular choice of working out.

  1. You can run anywhere and anytime

A lot of people are demotivated to work out because of the initial commute to the gym but with run
ning you don’t have to travel anywhere. Running starts as soon as you leave your front door so it’s easy to fit it around your busy lifestyle.

  1. Runners High

Everyone has heard of a runners high and it’s no myth! Research for years has shown that it is not just a rush of endorphins that gives you that euphoric feeling when running. A mix of hormones mixed with endocannabinoids makes want to keep running for longer so it’s easier to get hooked on than the gym.

  1. Never alone

Running is one of the most social methods of working out as you can run with your friends or even your pet! In the gym there is often a very intense and motivated atmosphere where everyone wants to be immersed in their workout. This can put you off having a conversation with your friend on the treadmill but taking your run outdoors gives you much more freedom.

  1. No time restrictions

Most gyms have set open hours and this can sometimes limit your workout or make you not go altogether. We can often find ourselves having spikes of energy and motivation at random points in the day where you are ready to exercise. Going for a run utilises this feeling when you have it and means you don’t lose it on the way to the gym. Whether its 10am or 10pm you can always get your running shoes on!

  1. Cardio= Calories

It’s well-known that if you are looking to lose weight, you need to go hard on the cardio to burn the calories. Running is one of the most time efficient ways to quickly burn calories so you have no excuse of not having time as the pace is up to you! Extensive research has shown that on average running burns more calories per hour than a number of machines including the rower, bike and stair climber.

  1. Live longer

There have been numerous studies over the years that have proved the more you run the longer you live! Running keeps you healthy by maintaining your weight, strengthening your muscles and joints and prompts you to stay hydrated.

  1. Running Running Running with Helen ChildVitamin D

Studies have shown that there are an increasing number of people who are now suffering with a Vitamin D deficiency. A lack of Vitamin D causes regular fatigue, depression, an inability to think clearly as well as weakening your bones and muscles over time. Going on a running even for 30 minutes every day can help prevent this and generally improve your physical/mental wellbeing.

  1. No Equipment

Many workouts-especially at the gym will require you to have yoga mats, weights, specialist equipment and clothing. Whereas with running, if you have running shoes, a top and shorts (weather permitting) then you are ready to start your workout.

  1. Energy Boost

A lot of people will admit that when they get back from the gym they immediately feel like they need a nap to get them through the rest of the day. After a run it is very rare that you will feel like this as it is a cardio workout that keeps you energised for the rest of the day.

  1. Strengthen

Running is a workout that over time will help to strengthen your bones and muscles meaning you are less prone to injury and related illness as you get older.

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