How Running Can Improve Your Health

Running and how it can improve your overall health -

Everyone knows that exercise is a key part of living a healthy lifestyle and should be integrated into each day. However, living in a digital age means we spend most of our day sat at a desk on the computer and then when we get home and we are on our phones, laptops and tablets. This technology is so consuming that we often forget that we need to work out. We then get sick and rely on medicine to cure us but the best medicine is and always has been exercise.

Running and how it can improve your overall health -
The simple exercise of running has been shown to prevent obesity, heart disease, reduce blood pressure, reduces your chance of having a stroke and even some types of cancer. It is a basic workout plan that can not only help your physical health but also improve your mental health.


Here we explore how running can drastically improve your health in the long term.

Anyone who regularly works out will tell you that exercise will always make you feel better mentally. A good workout can give you a better high than anything else with a simple rush of endocannabinoid hormones. There have been numerous studies that have proven the benefits of a simple workout, one of which was able to show that a simple half an hour walk on a treadmill could lift the mood of someone suffering with severe depression.

It is widely known that exercise is the best way to lose weight as you burn calories when working out.

If this is one of your fitness goals then you will find that running is one of the best workouts you can do. If you go on regular runs your body will start to continue burning calories even after you’ve stopped working out. This is called after burn and the more your workout, the more calories you will be able to burn post workout.

There is a myth that running is bad for your joints, particularly your knees and ankles but this is false.

It has been widely recognised that running is able to help increase your bone mass and prevents bone loss from aging. Studies have shown that it ultimately helps strengthen your joints over time and can prevent/delay problems such as arthritis.

As we get older there is always the worry that we won’t be able to stay as mentally sharp as we used to be but exercise has been proven to help combat this. Studies have shown that regularly running as part of your exercise regime will help to prevent any mental decline as you grow older. In particular the areas that are improved as a result are the concentration, attention, organisational and planning functions of the brain.

Finally, arguably the biggest advantage to having running as part of your fitness regime is that is can add years to your life. By simple meeting the minimum requirement of physical exercise, that being 30 minutes five times a week, you can add on average 2-5 years to your lifespan.


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