Here are 10 simple steps to help you achieve your running goals.

Step 1

Since running is one foot in front of the other, make sure that you are putting your best foot forward. Head to a speciality running store and get properly fitted for running shoes. Ask to speak with their most knowledgeable staff member and tell them your intention of wanting to become a runner.

Tips while picking out your shoes:

This isn’t a fashion parade. Do not pick shoes based on colour alone. Colour won’t make you run any faster.
Try on different brands of running shoes. You may only recognise one or two of the brands there, but don’t only stick with brands you know; instead try what the store suggests.
Accept the fact that your running shoes are going to be a half size or more larger than your normal shoes. They are made this way on purpose to ensure that your feet are not confined and chafing on the shoe.
Ask the specialist to watch you run in the shoes.
Be prepared to spend £100 or more on your shoes. Remember- this is an investment in yourself. Good running shoes are worth their weight in gold.

Step 2

If you are a lady, the next most important piece of equipment you need to buy is a sports bra. If you can afford the sports bras sold at the speciality running store you bought your shoes at, consider purchasing one there. If that isn’t in your budget at this point, check out places like TK Maxx where you can find brand name sports bra’s for less.

Step 3

Buy a watch or fitness wearable, download an app like Map My Run, or get the timer on your smart phone ready. For this step, you can spend a lot of money (GPS running watch) or NO money (free apps like Map My Run). The goal here is to simply see how far you have gone and how long it has taken you. If you are someone who prefers to keep track of minutes and not miles, then a timer or regular stopwatch works fine.

Step 4

Set a goal. Maybe your goal is to run a mile without walking, or maybe your goal is to complete your first 5K race. Whatever it may be, write it down and post it where you can see it daily. Goals get achieved, hopes usually don’t.

Step 5

Once you have set a goal, set your plan based on that goal. You wouldn’t get in the car and drive the length of the country if you didn’t have a plan where you were going to. If you know where you are going you can plan your way markers to ensure you are on track.

Step 6

Buy a book or research online to learn about your new sport or search for a free online training program. Make sure to read reviews on the book your are picking so it fits your needs.

Step 7

Buy a running outfit and only wear it when running. Apply this rule to your running shoes as well. Keep your running wear and shoes only for running, so your mind knows that when you put them on, it’s time to go running.

Decide you are not going to accept anything but the 100% from yourself. You won’t to quit. You won’t make excuses.

Step 9

Get outside in your gear and put one foot in front of the other…..

Step 10

Run. Running is simply moving forwards at anything above a walking pace and only you know what that is for you.

So, no more excuses, get outside and do it!